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Media Publications

Vanarai’s publications serve as a cornerstone for the dissemination of knowledge regarding significant topics such as environmental conservation, sustainable rural development, climate change causes and effects, and the multifaceted challenges faced in rural areas. They are instrumental in elevating awareness and nurturing well-informed decision-making across a diverse spectrum of individuals, ranging from
policymakers to rural communities. These publications go beyond the ordinary, drawing upon the wisdom and expertise of subject matter authorities hailing from diverse backgrounds. Our publications meticulously synthesize these insights to present a comprehensive and holistic perspective on the subject matter at hand.
Vanarai’s Publication has received many awards and accolades throughout the years. Our publications consist of monthly issues, special yearly issues, books related to the environment, short films and documentaries to create awareness among the masses.


Vanarai’s Publication has been active since the last 31 years

Vanarai Publication