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About Vanarai

Our founder, Padma Vibhushan Dr. Mohan Dharia, envisioned the challenges of climate change and its effects 37 years ago. He started taking positive actions to address these issues by adopting a holistic approach. In 1986, Vanarai was established by Padma Vibhushan Dr. Mohan Dharia with the vision to make villages self-reliant. For the last three decades, we have been working in more than 250 villages across Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, Dadra, Nagar, Haveli, and Karnataka on various issues related to sustainable rural development. Our focused areas are watershed development, afforestation, health, hygiene and sanitation, education upliftment, and agriculture development. We are actively involved in transforming wasteland into productive fertile land. Tree plantation drives are conducted in villages, to help generate income and employment, triggering the socio-economic development of the rural areas.

As an organization, we act as planners, facilitators, and implementers of developmental plans to empower rural India by instigating an integrated and sustainable rural development strategy. Involving people at the grassroots level in planning, restoration, and execution of development activities has shown a drastic impact, which has been quite inspiring. We were able to enhance the socio-economic condition of many villagers, creating a conducive environment for reverse migration as per our vision. We get immense support from like-minded social activists, NGOs, donors, volunteers, and corporates to accomplish our mission.

The epicenter of our approach is to enhance socio-economic development in rural areas by providing various sustainable livelihood solutions. We believe in people’s participation and creating local leadership for sustainable development, and we abide by integrating morals in all our activities. Our involvement in the field of sustainable integrated rural development has changed the image of many drought-prone villages.

Vanarai continuously aims to create a stronger



To empower rural India primarily focusing on Natural Resource Management, Fulfilment of Basic necessities & Capacity building through a participatory approach.

To combat the challenges of climate change through People’s Movement for enriching the Eco – system to create clean, green, water-prosperous and socio – economically empowered India.

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Crores Litres Water potential created
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Lacs Beneficiaries Student, SHG’s, women Empowerment
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Lacs Acres of land benefitted
Lacs Beneficiary Toilet construction, health camps