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President Address

What a year it has been! A year of growth, reflection, and evolution. There are too many things worth sharing. A focused approach and a committed team that worked towards what we achieved is the most highlighting factor in terms of internal achievements.

Recently, on World Water Day (22nd March 2023), I was honored to be invited by the UN for the water conference held at the UN’s USA HQ. During the conference, I heard various representatives talking about the same thing that Vanarai works on. It was a feeling of pride and joy to represent my Vanarai Parivaar on such a big stage.

Looking at the years ahead and the current scenario, there are two fronts on which I would like to share my thoughts on

1) Changing development sector scenario, and

2) Climate Crisis in Rural India.

From the year 2022-23, BRSR (Business Responsibility and sustainability report) has become mandated for NSE’s top 1000 companies. Though this reporting and the ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) aspects are not directly related to social sector initiatives, they, however, have ideological convergence. This has resulted in many development sector individuals sharing the responsibility of ESG or, in some cases, transitioning to roles of sustainability leadership. This shift is a blessing for our sector. Initiatives have started becoming more holistic, goal-driven, and inclusive which is an imminent need of the hour. Though the new initiatives will take time to adapt, I feel that every year we will see significant improvements and increased commitment toward developmental work.

Most importantly, this shift should be used as a catalyst for battling the climate crisis. The effects on Rural India are seen and witnessed more prominently. I will not be wrong to say that every year I am seeing major shifts in the ecological & socio-economic aspects of Rural India. Last year, as a team, we officially rolled out our 3E initiative that lays down an Action Plan toward Vanarai’s Mission 2030. The whole crux of this mission is central to the social responsibility that Vanarai has been serving for the last 37 years. This year, it has impacted more families and farmers that were a part of our People‚Äôs Movement.

Considering the changing development sector scenario and the accelerated effects of the climate crisis, we are all geared up and prepared for a battle to safeguard the future for the generations to come. This will be truly possible by making it a People’s Movement for battling the climate crisis.

I would like to give the credit of this journey to my Vanarai Parivar. I am grateful to our villagers, partners, government officials, well wishers, field team, office staff and of course to all the members of board of trustees and advisors. You all have made this a fruitful journey so far. I foresee us to reach farther and become intensive in our focus to create a clean, green, and prosperous India. Making our People’s Movement for Green India even stronger.